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Veterans of Foreign Wars, Munster Post 2697 Schedule of Ceremonies conducted at the Community Veterans Memorial

2017 Events 

November 11, 10:45 am
Veterans Day / Armistice Day Ceremony:
The ceremony will include a 3 Volley Salute (rifles) with TAPS at 11 am. “The War To End All Wars” ended in armistice, which took effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918.

Artillery salute will be performed throughout the day after the passing of a former POTUS and at noon on the day of interment.


The red flag is an international signal flag representing the alphabet letter “B” or “BRAVO”. When displayed alone on a staff or yard arm, it is the international signal: “I AM TAKING ON OR DISCHARGING EXPLOSIVES” and is flown at the memorial during cannon-fire salutes.

The Mark 1 Brodie Helmet (like the one seen in the WWI section of the Memorial) was designed in Britain by John L Brodie in 1915 to protect a soldier's head and shoulders from shrapnel. Until then, soldiers wore cloth or leather hats. Many soldiers suffered head wounds from the new anti-personnel, long-range artillery shells. Its official designation in the U.S. was M1917 Helmet.