The Edward P. Robinson Community Veterans Memorial

Donors to the Memorial Beautification Fund

$1,500 +  

  • Dr. Harvey J. Levin

$1,000 - $1,499 

  • Charles E. Long
  • McMahon & Associates
  • In Memory of Anthony Udowski

$500 - $999  

  • Physicians of Northwest Indiana Diagnostic Imaging, LLC
  • In Memory of Donald S. Powers
  • In Memory of Edward Paul Rosenwinkel
  • In Memory of James Richard Sweat

$100 - $499  

  • American Legion Post 261
  • Jack Dietrich
  • Paul Klus
  • Albert J. Lamere
  • Caryl LeRoy
  • In Memory of Earl Pepperdine - Wayne Pepperdine
  • June Rose
  • Mary Schneider
  • Sue B. Singleton
  • Dr. & Mrs. B.J. Speroff
  • Jack W. Stine
  • Norma Strickland
  • Tri Kappa – Munster-Highland
  • V.F.W. Post 802
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Williamson

$50 - $99  

  • American Medical Oxygen Sales Corp. - Joseph Newell
  • Christine Bobek
  • Cyrus Realtors, Inc.
  • Lucille Detterline
  • Larry  Edders
  • Gaslight Enterprises, Inc.
  • John & Patty Gescheidler – In honor of our fallen veterans
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Halfacre
  • In Memory of William M. Henderson - Tracey Wilson
  • Joy Tour and Travel, Inc., Cincinnati, OH
  • Allan Kalemba
  • Gerald Kusek
  • Sarah Lasbury
  • Rose E. McNabney
  • Lester W. Meeter
  • In Memory of Rodolfo E. Medellin, Sr. - Tom and Rose Ann Feeney
  • Mary Lou Mybeck
  • Angeline Olivotto
  • Adele Paloma
  • In Memory of Robert B. Pierce – Clair St. Jorge
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Rathert
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald Seline
  • Mr. & Mr. Joe and Sally VanBokkelen
  • June Zappia

$10 - $49  

  • In Memory of Betsy Abernathy - Community Hospital Educational Services
  • Mr. John J. Babick
  • Susan Bach
  • Mr. & Mrs. George Bachmann
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beaupre
  • Ms. Laverne Brakley
  • Jacqueline Cerf
  • Jim and Linda Clapp
  • Dana Cortez
  • Ms. Judi Cyphers
  • Ms. Lavern Dangelo
  • Carol Dell
  • Mr. Leonard Dora
  • Thomas Drake
  • Jennifer Drutis
  • Henry and Julia Eckstein
  • Mary Fetters
  • Gary Ford
  • Shirley Jacobs
  • Ms. Joan M. Kaszewski
  • Mr. Gerard Keenan
  • Athene Knapik
  • Edward M. Kroer Jr.
  • John A. Latko
  • Helen M. Lewandowski
  • Valdine Matej
  • Margery Perrott
  • Lorraine P. Powers
  • Etta Rhoda
  • Mrs. Ann Richards
  • In Memory of Virginia Robinson, one spirited lady – Lois Skratsky
  • Bob and Helen Scobee
  • Sally Trent
  • Kathy Wallace
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike Walsh
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim Wilkins
  • Mr. & Mrs. Berlin Wyman
  • Rene A. Yanez
  • Brian Yonkman

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Community Veterans Memorial is a 6.5 acre park featuring bronze and granite sculptures, and life-size monuments to depict the major military conflicts that shaped the 20th Century.

The memorial imparts a reflective and provocative vision for peace. From the trenches of World War I through the Pacific beaches and European battles of World War II, the extreme weather and combat conditions of Korea, the rugged brutal fire fights of Vietnam, and the sandy sea of Desert Storm, the memorial pays the highest tribute to all veterans.

A commemorative brick pathway leads visitors on their journey through history. Individuals and groups are invited for self-guided tours in which several stations provide pre-recorded information about the defining wars of the 20th Century. Guided tours are also available.

Thank you for visiting the website and if you havent already, visit the memorial to remember and pay tribute to those whose lives shaped our world today.

Help keep the Memorial beautiful – donate now!

Your donation not only helps to support the beautification and upkeep of the Memorial and surrounding grounds, but also demonstrates your commitment to the Memorial’s mission; to remember, to educate and to challenge. Donations can be made in honor or memory of a veteran or loved one and, if requested, will be acknowledged with a card to the recipient of your gift. Your support to help with this ongoing endeavor is greatly appreciated! Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Donate online now via PayPal:

The memorial is located at 9710 Calumet Avenue,
Munster, Indiana
(2 miles south of I80/94)

Open dawn to dusk, weather permitting.

Admission is free.




The Brick Brigade
Twice a year, members of VFW Post 2697 in Munster, volunteer their time to place the memorial bricks in the park. They are a wonderful group of men and their time and dedication is greatly appreciated!

Pictured (from left to right): Walter Bracich. Marvin Metzger, Larry Anaszewicz, Ed Lebyk, Mike Illjianick, Leonard Jarczyk, Don Visnack. Proud veterans of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.