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Note: The information on this page is provided by Bob & Chris Huffman. Their work is dedicated to the memory of Chris's father, Charles J. Kiupelis, and to his brothers Albert and Bruno.

Memorial Bricks have proven to be a popular feature of the Community Veterans Memorial. Over 3800 friends and relatives have chosen to honor those who have served our county in the armed services. The sponsors of the Memorial often receive requests from donors wanting to know where their memorial brick has been placed. Unfortunately, this information was not always available. In view of this need I took upon myself the task of locating all the bricks at the memorial, and I have prepared this index.

Although I have tried very hard to be accurate and complete, and I believe the index is correct for the vast majority of the bricks, I cannot assure 100 percent accuracy. Errors can be introduced in each step of the procedure, from order to production to my interpretation of the engravings. If you cannot find the brick you are looking for please let me know and I will see if I can find it. Also I would appreciate being notified of any spelling or other errors. I can be contacted via the memorial email at - Sincerely, Bob Huffman


Twice a year, members of VFW Post 2697 in Munster, volunteer their time to place the memorial bricks in the park. They are a wonderful group of men and their time and dedication is greatly appreciated!

The Brick Brigade

The Brick Brigade
Pictured (from left to right): Walter Bracich. Marvin Metzger, Larry Anaszewicz, Ed Lebyk, Mike Illjianick, Leonard Jarczyk, Don Visnack. Proud veterans of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.