The Edward P. Robinson Community Veterans Memorial


The Community Veterans Memorial began with a vision and a dream expressed by a committee of local veterans. Since then, The Community Foundation, Inc., parent company of The Community Hospital, has spearheaded the program. The Community Hospital donated the 6.5 acres of land - worth more than $800,000 - and established a charitable fund to help raise the $1.2 million needed for construction.

To make a donation or purchase a brick for the commemorative pathway click here.

Thank you to the following businesses, organizations and individuals for your contributions to the Veterans War Memorial Fund.

 Major Contributors   $1000 and up

American Legion Post 168, Hammond, IN Mr. Terry W. McMahon
The Community Hospital The Munster Civic Foundation
The Community Hospital Auxiliary The Munster Lions Club
Bank Calumet
Barbara & Dean White Foundation
Citizens Financial Services Mercantile National Bank, Hammond
Donald C. Gardner Trust Mr. Clare Oesterle
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Gray Sand Ridge Bank, Highland, IN
Hammond Clinic Mr. John Schoon
Dr. Alan F. Harre Tim's Landscape Service, Griffith, IN
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kennel
Largus Printing, Munster, IN
Committee to Support Mayor Duane W. Dedelow, Jr. -           Hammond, IN
Dr. and Mrs. Domenico Lazzaro  VFW Post 2697, Munster, Indiana
Legacy Foundation, Merrillville, IN

Build Indiana Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Long

Community Hospital Medical & Dental Staff

Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Luerssen

James A. Gammon Foundation

Dr. Alonzo K. Morrissey


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 Donors of military uniforms and associated equipment

113th Eng. Battalion, IN Army National Guard, Gary, IN
Andrew Bjelland
Army Navy Surplus Store, Hammond IN Marty Francis
George Bohn
Peter Chang
The Great Lakes Museum of Military History, Michigan City, IN
Tom Clark National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum
Clyde Colgrove Elaine Olson
Chuck Crary Norman Schoon
John Dale Harold Simpson
Thomas Drake Larry Smith
Raymond Fary Mr. Richard H. Tomlinson

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Donors to Construction and Maintenance

  Mr. Jacob Abegg   Mr. and Mrs. David McCoy
American Medical Oxygen Sales Corp., Hammond, IN Meyers Heating & Cooling Inc., Griffith, IN
  American Savings FSB, Munster, IN   Munster Historical Society, Munster, Indiana
  Dr. and Mrs. Leon L. Ampel  

M.P. Nidetz

  ATG Corporation, Crown Point, IN   Mr. Jeffrey Oesterle
Caroll E. Austin Mr. and Mrs. James Oliver

Mr. Dale E. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. James H. O'Neal
Ms. Patricia A. Baldwin

Optimist Club of Hammond, IN

Dr. Barot & Associates, Munster, IN Mr. and Mrs Harold Paddor
  Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bartak  

Ms. Claudia Pellar

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Belgrad Mrs. Danuta Bembenista Panich
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Birndorf Mr. and Mrs. Clarence O. Pearson
Mr. Andrew A. Bjelland Mr. Richard J. Pellar
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Borowitz Ms. Christine Petsas
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Buksar Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pfister

Mr. & Mrs. John Byrne

  Ms. Faith C. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Cane Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Purves
Cerestar USA Inc Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Raab
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Coulis Dr. and Mrs. George C. Rasch
  Manette DeCremer   Mr. Gregory Redlarczyk
R.A. Dembinski Ms. Elaine N. Reihel
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Dieterich Ms. Joan G. Richman
Mr. Jack Dietrich Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Rigg
First Presbyterian Church of Highland, Highland, IN Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rincon
Mr. J. Ronald Furman Mr. John E. Rokosz
Mr. Richard Gamez

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rosenfield


Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Gamson

  Mrs. Myra Rosenbloom
  Betty Graun  

Ms. Charlene R. Rossa

  Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Gardner   Mrs. Amy S. Roth

Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Cindy Gasey

Ruman, Clements & Holub, Hammond, IN
Golden Times, Schererville, IN Ms. Bernice C. Rybicki
Mr. Thomas S. Gozdecki III Major General Dean Sangalis
Dr. and Mrs. Sirus A. Hadawi Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schaffner
  Harrah's East Chicago Casino   Mr. David Schneider

Griffith Free Methodist Church, Griffith, IN


Mr. & Mrs. David F. Shafer

  Mr. Arnold Heltzer   Mr. Palmer C. Singeleton, Jr.
Mr. Charles F. Heuer

Ms. June M. Slamka

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Hirsch Mr. Alvin D. Star
  Mr. Paul A. Hmurovich, Jr.  

Ms.Charisse A. Spitzer

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Karns

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Griffith, IN

Ms. Jessica Koo Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Stine
  Mr. Ernest Karmin   Mr. Rob Stier
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kassel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Straus
  Dr. George Kelly  

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Teibel

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Knesek Ms. Valerie Theodore

Mr. Michael Kometz

  The Times
  Korean Veterans Association, East Chicago, IN   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tonkovich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kovich Tri-Electronics, Hammond, IN
  Kuiper Funeral Home, Highland, IN   Thomas Troller
Mr. Lloyd S. Kupferberg

VFW Post 2697, Munster, IN

  Mrs. Elsie K. Lammering   VFW Post 7881 Auxiliary, Hammond, IN
Mr. Edwin F. Lebryk Mr. and Mrs. Harold Vierk
  LeHayne Funeral Home, Hammond, IN   Dr. and Mrs. G. J. Volan
Ms. Caryl LeRoy Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Wilder
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Levin Winter Magic Festival
  Ms. Marilyn Levinson  

Mrs. Grace Wood


Dr. and Mrs. Manuel R. Luna

  Dr. and Mrs. T. F. Wooden

Mr. William C. Luebcke

Zandstra's Store for Men, Highland, IN

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Newell

Mr. Thomas M. Zimmerman

Mrs. Elaine R. Olson

Mr. & Mrs. George Oakley  
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence O. Pearson
Dr. and Mrs. Howard J. Marcus
Marcus Jewelers, Highland, IN  

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Bench Sponsor

Mr. James W. Dye Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Neff
Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Liz DeGiulio Mr. & Mrs. David Nellans
Mr. & Mrs. George Erickson Ms. Patricia O'Connell
Ispat Inland, Inc. Mr. Gary Rassel
Kerger Enterprises, Schererville, IN Mr. Edward P. Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Matt & Ruth Kerger

Mrs. June M. Slamka

Frank Korba

VFW Post 2697, Munster, IN

Mr. Terry McMahon

Sandra S. Woodard

Munster Rotary Club

Munster Womens' Club

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Flag Pole Sponsor

Fairmeadows Pharmacy, Inc.

Mr. Marvin WeissMr.
Hasse Construction Company Charles L. Zandstra
People's Bank

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Site Sponsor

Thomas J. Lasbury

Barbara & Dean White Foundation
The McCormick Tribune Foundation

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 Tree Sponsor

Mr. Fred Berglund Elaine Olson
Burns-Kish Funeral Homes, Inc. Olthoff Homes, LLC, Schererville, IN
Kay Cambell Precision Construction
Centier Bank Mr. Ralph Papesh, Munster, IN
Ms. Linda Del Favero Diana Perez
Dr. & Mrs. George Compton Peer Cabinet & Countertop, Inc., Crown Point, IN
Ms. Marion G. Fulte Shirley, Arentz, MaryJo Peters
Ray Guiden Mr. James J. Piekarczyk
Denise Gurley Don Powers Agency
Joanne Hall Mr. Gary Rassel
Hammond Woman's Club Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harrigan

Mr. Mike Remec

Harra's East Chicago Casino & Hotel

Ms. Alice A. Robinson

Hartsfield Village, Munster, IN

Dean Sangalis

Highland Student Councils, Highland, IN

Mr. & Mrs. David & JoAnne Schafer

Mr. John Hluska

Mr. & Mrs. Joy & Charles Schoemaker

Ms. Shirley Jacobs Signatures Awards

JWP/Hyre Electric, Highland, IN

St. Thomas Moore School Student Coucil 2003

Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Sylvia Komyatte Strack & Van Til

Elizabeth Mahoney

Suncrest Christian Church, St. John, IN
Ms. Barbara McQueen Sun Realty
Mr. & Mrs. John & Audrey Meyer Tri Electronics
Mr. Joseph Miles Tri-State Hose, Munster, IN
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Karen Millies VFW Memorial Post 1109
Mr. & Mrs. John Mybeck Vidimos, Inc., East Chicago, IN
Munster Fraternal Order of Police, Munster, IN Ms. Michelle Vogt
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Neff Musetta Yeager
Mr. & Mrs. David Nellans Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Susan Wood

Mrs. Shirley Nowaczyk

Mr. & Mrs. James & Dorthy Zaun

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